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Why is Ford Discontinuing Sedans?

With Ford set to abandon the production of sedans and other small car models, many American drivers have been left wondering why some of their favorite models are suddenly being taken out of showrooms. Ford has argued that more people are shifting to a larger model, but is that really a reason for Ford to stop making sedans altogether?

After all, Ford discontinuing sedans means you’ll only find trucks, commercial vehicles, and utility vehicles in their showrooms – by 2020, nearly 90% of Ford’s American lineup will consist of only those body types.

What’s Happening to the Ford Lineup?

If you’re wondering just what the Ford lineup is going to look like when Ford sedan models start to get phased out, just take a glance below. By 2022, the Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, and Taurus will be gone – only the Ford Mustang will remain.

The Future of Ford Cars

How Will Ford’s ‘White Space Vehicles’ Fill the Gap?

Ford can’t simply rely on their current lineup of crossovers and SUVs, so ‘white space vehicles’ will be used to fill the gap. These models are designed to combine the characteristics of many different traditional body types. That makes vehicles harder to define, and it tends to mean getting models that are average at everything rather than ones with a few key strengths. If, for example, you’re seeking a compact footprint, no white space vehicle is going to feel right.

Ford says it’s making the change because sales figures skew toward the larger vehicles in their current selection, and in his story “The Real Reason Ford Is Phasing Out Its Sedans,” Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal cited a study on how many light-truck drivers use their models for commuting. Problem is, the new lineup will still lack diversity and contribute to higher overall fuel consumption.

Ford White Space Vehicles

A Risky Move by Ford

Focusing on larger vehicles might be a problem at a time when more and more drivers are looking for an eco-friendly model, especially if fuel prices rise and start hurting customer’s pocketbooks. We’re not even sure how Ford hopes to outpace current rivals. The Honda CR-V, Pilot, and HR-V all beat their Ford counterparts, the Escape, Explorer, and Edge, on starting price and fuel efficiency, so why would drivers even value a Ford SUV or crossover?

GM to Cut Jobs and Discontinue Sedans

Ford isn’t the only automaker making this shift. Announcing that slumping sales have led to substantial layoffs and the closure of five North American facilities, General Motors will also be ending production on six of their own sedan models. In the future, don’t expect to see new versions of the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala, or Chevrolet Volt in any GM showroom.

Honda Still Provides Forward-Thinking Sedans

While Ford and GM turn their backs on drivers looking for sedans and small cars, Honda will continue to innovate. Honda sedan models and other small vehicles push the envelope when it comes to everything from efficiency to comfort, with just a few state-of-the-art models including the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, and Honda Insight. You’ll also still find the Civic lineup for sporty performance and the Fit for exceptional interior versatility. In other words, Honda is happy to adapt around the changing needs of sedan drivers rather than cutting them off and concentrating on the latest thing.

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Honda Has a Vehicle to Perfectly Suit Every Kind of Wisconsin Driver

While Ford sedan models go extinct, Honda sedan models will be consuming less fuel for clearer skies and cleaner air, so why not visit your local Wisconsin Heartland Honda showroom to check out the latest award-wining lineup? Whether you’re seeking a 3-row SUV like the Honda Pilot or a legendary sedan like the Honda Accord, you’re sure to find a vehicle that fits your own needs and wants down to the ground.

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